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Venue Snapshot – Hands on at Cargo Hall with Roan

Event producer Roan runs through the basics of our prime promenade positioned venue The Cargo Hall.

Where is Cargo Hall?

Cargo Hall is in South Wharf. Right in the middle of the promenade.

If you had to describe Cargo Hall in 3 words, what would they be?

Rustic. Chic. Industrial.

How long has Cargo Hall been around?

I was actually lucky enough to be around when they were building and designing Cargo Hall 3 years ago. So there are a few little ideas I had that crept through into the design and aesthetic of the venue.

What kind of events can Cargo Hall accommodate?

Everything. and there aren’t many venues in Melbourne that can say that. It is the perfect blank canvas without being a carpeted four white wall space. It was designed to accommodate any event request – whether corporate dinner, creative conference or boutique wedding.

In your opinion, what is the best feature about Cargo Hall?

I love that the bar feature has been designed with clear bottles to pay homage to a ‘message in the bottle’ that was often sent by travellers stowed away on cargo ships.

What has been one of the best uses of the Cargo Hall space?

I like that we can do wedding on a Saturday and the turn it into another wedding on a Sunday, you could almost think you are stepping into a different venue. The space lends itself to being that versatile. But what is really impressive is the way we can turn one space, into 4 break-out areas, and back into a plenary session with the use of our creative conference options.

What sort of event would you personally like to see Cargo Hall hold?

With marriage equality now here, I think it’s a great venue to see all couples get married in.

For those thinking about holding an event at Cargo Hall, what would be your pitch to them in once sentence?

Call Roan, he’ll look after you!

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