Admin Professionals Day

Admin Professionals Day

What was going to be a breakfast for 150 attendees at the State Library, turned into an online event with over 500 globally registered attendees.

Last week Showtime Event Group ran an online event for Admin Professionals Day with the EA Institute. The event was broadcast to over 500 registered attendees, included keynote speakers, guest speakers, break out rooms and entertainment across the 4 hour event.

The event encouraged attendees to ‘Awaken your Inner Superhero’. Holly and Amanda from The EA Institute ran a fun and interactive event with good advice and plenty of dancing. The MC for the event was Brihony Dawson who did a surprise performance with rapper Matthew Charles, who created a custom rap for the event. 

Showing that events are adapting in this COVID era, keynote speaker, Sarah Gale streamed in from her home in the eastern suburbs with an inspirational and uplifting speech about embracing confidence and projecting ourselves through what we wear, how we hold ourselves, and the way we present “If you are hiding with your wardrobe, you are hiding with your life” and that we need to dress with our “Style essences, the parts that truly unite us”.

The Admin Professionals Day was a very good example of what we see events looking like in the future. Initially that event was going to be a breakfast at the State Library for 150 attendees. This way the event went global, and had over 500 attendees, with multiple speakers and chat rooms that ran concurrently.

Showtime Event Group have been running online events that include catering delivered to all attendees, online production management, and facilitation of entertainment and engagement activities. Taking what they do best within venues, online.

With the impacts of COVID-19 drastically effecting the events industry, we didn’t want to just pivot for the short term and wait for things to go back to normal. We knew pretty early on that focussing on a return to normal was not going to be the best approach. Things may never go back to what we once called normal. This disruption to our industry allowed us to look at what we could be doing differently in the future.

Showtime Event Group quickly invested in a new approach to taking events online. This included the setup of a production studio in Cargo Hall allowing events to stream online, and the ability to order catering to be delivered to all event attendees. They also developed a range of curated experiences focused on keeping event attendees connected with exercises that work the brain, include physical activity, and encourage creativity. These include cooking master classes with the groups’ Head Chef, Trivia, Mindfulness sessions, and Amazing Race challenges.

We really took the approach that what we do in a venue, can be done at any place. There was no reason why we couldn’t still be a full service event caterer, and organise an event that is streamed online, facilitated with speakers, entertainers and a range of activity.

We think the big change that our industry will see, is the ability to now host events in a different way. The requirement to have all attendees in one room for a key note won’t seem as important anymore. You will be able to have a portion of the attendees dial in from a different location. Meeting organisers will now start to consider holding the same event across multiple locations, and break out rooms will be facilitated online.

Showtime Event Group is curating more than just business events online, with the opportunities now opening up to run more wedding receptions, social events and celebrations that connect people across multiple destinations.

If you were interested in having an online event, please contact us here or give us a call on 03 9682 1777