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An Event of Ice and Fire… Forest and Desert

Catering with character.

Last month Showtime Event Group was proud to be involved in a spectacular event held at Port Melbourne’s newest event location, The Timberyard and produced by the team at Lime & Tonic. The venue is home to three event areas, perfect for taking guests on a journey of discovery throughout an evening…

Event Produced by Lime & Tonic – Photography by Moonhouse

This particular night was unfortunately met with heavy rains and a cold wind, setting the tone for arrivals to be rather miserable. Guests were chartered by bus and brought down the industrial block that surrounds the Timberyard, before making their way through to a large warehouse space, scattered with (thoughtful) heaters yet overall feeling dull and uninspired, despite canapes and drinks abound.

Not until every guest had arrived, were the real festivities about to begin.

Event Produced by Lime & Tonic – Photograph by Showtime Event Group

As the clock hit 7pm the curtains were pulled back, revealing The Warehouse, with each section uniquely themed, offering exciting event environments and creative food courtesy of the Showtime Event Group team of talented chefs and staff.

Event Produced by Lime & Tonic – Photography by Moonhouse

Greeted with arrival cocktails from the Ocean themed bar, while guests slowly disseminated throughout the huge space, filling the extravagantly styled areas, absorbing each and every person into their little worlds. The back of the room offered delights reminiscent of the Grand Bazaar, including Shisha, Decadent mixed dips, lamb kofta and more amongst Camels, real, live, Camels.

Event Produced by Lime & Tonic – Photograph by NM Group

The adjacent corner was one of Ice, from the live ice-sculpting to the ice-block walls. Yet the guests gathered around for the ice-filled Oyster Station, offering Pacific Shucked Oysters with Mojito Granita and Mignonette Sauce as well as Fennel and Lemon Poached Prawns.

Event Produced by Lime & Tonic – Photography by Moonhouse

The realm of fire certainly brought the welcome heat on the chilly Melbourne evening, with fire twirlers and fire-pits, paired with the fitting open flame BBQ, serving Marinated Lamb cutlets, Cajun spiced kebabs, satay chicken and pork sausages.

Event Produced by Lime & Tonic – Photography by Moonhouse

Guests traversed the many areas, indulging in the various drinks, the multitude of food options from each station as well as roving options aplenty. The entertainment on the show kept everyone on their toes, from the paint drummers up high to the belly dancers roaming the crowds eventually bringing them through to part three of the night, The Forest.

Event Produced by Lime & Tonic – Photography by Moonhouse

After being well fed and watered, the large iron doors were rolled open to reveal The Yard. Where the Dessert Tree and outdoor marquee greeted guests for the final hours of their evening.

Showtime Event Group was proud to work in partnership with The Timberyard team, as well as the producers from Lime & Tonic. Offering not only our themed stations, installations and activations but the service from our staff as well. Aiming to make sure every guest was left completely satisfied.


Lime & Tonic


Moonhouse & NW Group


The Timberyard

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