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Cocktails; The when, where and why…

Picture this…sitting in a Michelin Star Restaurant, celebrating a special occasion and sipping on a creative and flavour-explosive cocktail – why should your wedding be any different?!

Imagine providing your guests with that same luxurious experience by wetting their lips with one (or two) of our cocktails. From our experience, the look on the faces of your guests when they see cocktails is priceless!

Elevate your special night by providing a refreshing Passionfruit Daiquiri on arrival, or keep the energy alive with a late night cocktail such as our famous Salted Caramel Espresso Martini.

With choosing the right cocktail (always a hard decision), think ‘weather/season’. If you are having a summer wedding, you’d want something refreshing yet sweet: Raspberry Mojito. A winter wedding would suit something that warms the body and gives you a kick: Lychee Sour. For autumn and spring go for something in-between like our zesty So Sunset cocktail…

You only celebrate to this scale on very few occasions, so treat your guests (and yourself!) to one of our mouth-watering cocktails that we’ve listed below:

Oh …and not to mention, a cocktail in hand makes for the PERFECT Instagram photo – just don’t forget to come up with a playful Instagram hashtag for the special day (your wedding producer can help!).

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