Weddings of Grand Proportions

Weddings of Grand Proportions

State Library Victoria

For the past 5 years, the State Library Victoria has been undergoing a massive transformation as part of Vision 2020 and an $88 million refurbishment that will re position the library to the next generation. As part of the new positing, Showtime Event Group were appointed as exclusive caterer and event partner to deliver exceptional events, and memorable weddings.

La Trobe Reading Room

Opened in 1913, the ‘Dome Reading Room’ as it was originally called, is a unique octagonal space that was designed to hold over one million books and up to 600 readers. The space is 34.75m in both height and width and on completion was the largest Dome in the world. In 2003 it was renamed the La Trobe Reading Room, but it was not until June of this year, over 100 years after it was built, that the space hosted its very first wedding reception.

About the Couple

Owners and designers of their own street wear clothing brand, Nana Judy, Glenn and Liz know a little something about style. They had always had their heart set on turning the dome space into their ultimate celebration back drop. But they had been met with too many push backs – until they were introduced to Showtime Event Group.

The Brief

Their guest list was also a collection of people who have celebrated in some pretty impressive places, so creating a memorable night was important to them. They wanted to draw on the old world of the venue, and encapsulate one of the very best party eras, with a Gatsby style theme.

Showtime Event Group

When it comes to our clients, nothing is off limits and we set the bar high. We don’t believe in no, and we work way outside the box to deliver what others say can’t be done. Our team of wedding specialists headed by Senior Wedding Producer Karinda Mathison, set about bringing their vision to life.

‘It was really important to “tell a story” throughout the evening, moving through multiple event spaces, reading room , art gallery, dome, etc,  with a huge focus on world-class entertainment”

The Execution

Turning a reading room for 600 people, into a reception space for 120 guests has its challenges. But when you have just 90 minutes to do so, it becomes a mammoth task. By the time the very first guests entered the room, everything was in place. Including the full band and stage, champagne tower, and transformed reading room desks to intimate dining tables.

The highlight that underpins every bit of hard work that goes into an event such as this, is when the groom stood up and opened his speech with . . . ‘They said it couldn’t be done’.