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Hands On Meet The Team Old Melbourne Gaol Venue Venues
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Jake – Operations at the Old Melbourne Gaol

What is your role?

Operations Supervisor, making sure all the gears and cogs are working together during an event.

Choose 3 words to describe yourself

Energetic, fun loving and just an all round nice guy

Choose 3 words to describe yourself at work

Hardworking, conscientious and determined.

What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most?

I love that every event is different, every time I go to work I know I will be faced with a different event and different clients, different staff – it keeps my job interesting!

What aspect is the most rewarding?

The staff members I work with, it is rewarding to be teaching people with no hospitality experience or years of experience in different areas the ins and outs of the industry, and see them develop within Showtime, a bit like I first did.

What do you find personally interesting about the Old Melbourne Gaol?

I personally love the challenge it brings, its such a unique venue which has so much to be explored.

What has been a positive experience a client has had at the Gaol?

I have had a lot of great feedback from various clients at the Gaol, many are impressed with the venue itself but also how we are able to service the guests in the many little areas whether its bars tucked away in one of the cell areas or having the full production dinners in the gaol.

What is the most interesting aspect of the Gaol?

The history and immediate vibe of the building, its by far one of the most unique venues available in Melbourne and is surprisingly suited to a range of events, definitely one of the places to choose for those looking for a memorable evening.

What makes the OMG precinct difficult for operations?

A building like the Gaol has inherent difficulties because it’s simply not purpose built for anything hospitality related, that being said, the initial issues are just challenges we have worked through and found out ways to overcome things like not having a built in kitchen or dedicated bar.

How do you and your team overcome these issues?

By thinking laterally, a little trial and error and most importantly persistence to consistently find the most effective and best way to exceed our client’s expectations. It’s truly a joint effort that comes from a cohesive crew, from management to the kitchen through to front of house.

What has been a memorable event at the Gaol?

In terms of unique events, the Shawshank Redemption live performance at the Gaol was certainly an unforgettable one, with use of various spaces, food and bar while being immersed in a real experience in the Gaol walls was really cool.

Jake has been working for Showtime for over 3 years, starting as wait staff to where he is now overseeing many large productions and providing a consistently high level of service in all areas.

Take a look at what the Old Melbourne Gaol has to offer here.

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