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Meet the Team – Gavin

A weddings wonder and a style star, Gavin knows how to make your day that extra bit special, while making sure the whole experience is stress-free, there from start to finish.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Gavin, a Showtime Event Group family member, all about a fun and happy culture. I like Britney Spears, cars, my dog Kingston, and I am ALWAYS laughing and cracking a joke. I am a New Zealander and have been enjoying life in Melbourne for close to 5 years.

How long have you worked in Events and Weddings?

Coming up to 4 years, I started in corporate event management and once I had a taste of weddings with the amazing relationships that form and immense satisfaction, I never looked back.

What’s exciting about the Showtime Event Group team?

The Showtime team has such a fresh approach and a true passion for Events. It is the people that make this company so unique and successful. It is a great culture here.

Can you think of a moment, at a wedding where you said to yourself, this is why I do what I do?

When the wedding couple see the venue for the first time on their wedding day – it’s emotional and very touching, this is when that moment hits the hardest.

What’s one thing you can’t leave home without?

Sunglasses and a watch – sorry, that’s two things.

A wedding production can be a big process, what’s the most challenging part and the most enjoyable stages of your work?

Getting the couple to instil their trust in me, and once they do, it is the best feeling ever. The most enjoyable part is when the day arrives and everything they’ve asked for, even down to the smallest detail is executed flawlessly – ah perfection.

You like to look fresh, what are your personal style tips you go by?

Always having a fresh haircut, eyebrows always in shape and dress like you are going to walk past Donatella Versace.

How many weddings do you think you have done over the years?

Hundreds – and everyone has been a little different to the last.

What is an aspect you think the Showtime Event Group team does best, or beats the competition?

As I mentioned earlier, the people is what make Showtime – right from management across to coordinators, the team are all here for the same reason and share the same passion.

What’s a stand-out event you have produced?

So many, but the most recent would actually be an Arabian Themed party that I styled. It was absolutely spectacular and out of the box; with floor to ceiling sheer draping, Arabian rugs and Moroccan cushions, red velvet furniture, dramatic lighting, lanterns, whiskey galore and a middle eastern chef station. It was certainly a lot of fun and guests have not stopped posting about it.

Arabian Nights

What would be your personal wedding outfit?

This is a hard one. Something Gucci. Something simple, but with a little twist. 

Ultimate honeymoon location?

Scandinavia, think hills, views, good food and alcohol, art and historical architecture.

What’s your favourite space Showtime Event Group has to offer?

I LOVE Showtime Events Centre – it is a very unique venue that is truly like no other. I also have a love for the Old Melbourne Gaol.

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what one celebrity would you want with you and why?

Britney Spears. I feel like she has survived some tough times (2007) and would be a great companion. I would also get her to sing for me.

Finally, what’s your dream wedding you’d like to produce?

I would love to produce a surprise wedding, everyone turns up to the ‘engagement party’ and low and behold it is the actual wedding. The look and surprise on guest’s faces would be priceless. I always say spontaneous acts are the most fun.

Contact the team at Showtime Event Group if you have any questions, enquiries about your big day, or just like the sound of Gavin!

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