“Never Have I Ever . . . ” – Lock Down Edition

“Never Have I Ever . . . ” – Lock Down Edition

Gender reveals, home schooling, innovative work outs, puzzles and making endless snacks. There’s a few things we’d never ever done before lock down. 

Here are some of the ‘never have I ever’ moments from the Showtime family. Lock down has meant that a lot of us were thrust in to a situation we didn’t anticipate, or prepare for. So it was only natural that the team found themselves in a situation that they had never ever been in before, and doing things they hadn’t previously done.

Hayley Murnane, Head of Weddings

"My kids have not stopped eating . . . it's prep, clean, and then repeat"

Never have I ever prepared so many snacks in my entire life! My kids, 2 and 5 have not stopped eating so it feels like all I do all day is prep, clean, and then repeat. The same goes for laundry (not sure why ISO life creates double the amount of washing) and the never-ending cleaning with everyone home 24/7!

On a more serious note, while some days can be long and tedious especially when it’s only 10am, you are onto your 99th activity or when 5 uninterrupted minutes to make a work call seems near impossible, this time I have been able to spend with my kids is something I will cherish forever. Being more present and taking the time to just sit and play Lego for hours on end rather than rushing around trying to complete those never-ending to-do lists is something I plan to focus on in the future. Like many, I am using this time to look at how my family can live a simpler and less stressful life in the years to come and enjoy the small things rather than taking them for granted. Now off to the 100th activity for the day. Homemade play dough time!

Anastasia Xidias, Senior Client Relationship Manager

"Never have I ever . . . been able to keep a secret so easily!"

Hopefully getting pregnant in 2020 was the plan and whenever it was brought up in the office, we would joke about how impossible it would be to hide it from the office. If I ever stopped having our weekly Friday afternoon office wine, they would have known straight away so when I found out I was pregnant just 3 weeks into our first lockdown back in April, one of the first things that popped into my head was “This is going to be so easy to hide cause I don’t have to see anyone!”. There were still a few times I had to pull some tricks like drinking apple juice from a wine glass during our zoom catch ups but other than that it was easy peasy!

My pregnancy experience has been far from what I thought it would be due to the pandemic but definitely not all bad, this was just one of the many bonus’. I was also lucky enough to be able to sneak in a small gender reveal with our immediate family when restrictions allowed us to and have been able to spend more time than I had ever hoped designing and putting together the nursery.

Devin Bosley, Corporate Event Producer

Bianca Galjar, Wedding Producer

Never have I ever done work out classes on You Tube. They have been a really great way to stay fit and healthy. I started with a few aerobics classes, but recently I did a boxing class and I loved it. It gets my heart rate up and keeps me active.

Now my daily walks are the easy and relaxing part of the day.


Never have I ever done so many Sudoku. I think I’ve completed almost 30 already. I bought a book from the news agency and have been getting very good. My goal was to complete an easy one within ten minutes, but I’ve now set the goal at 8 minutes. My best so far is 8 min 9 seconds. The trick is to use two coloured pens so you can put in the possibilities with one, and the right answer with the other.

Andrea Henderson, Client Relationship Manager

"Never have I ever . . . had so much respect for teachers !! "

2020 will certainly been a year to remember for everyone.  Some of us have had to adjust to working from home, whilst others have been less fortunate and have had their industries shut down all together, leaving them without any work. Then there are those with children, who all of a sudden became teachers overnight! Instead of networking, meeting with clients and helping create exciting events, I now find myself busy helping my little one with reading, spelling, maths and class zoom meetings! As well as making endless snacks!!

It’s not an easy task, and certainly not one I’m qualified for, but there is a part of me that does enjoy witnessing these special moments, that would have otherwise been kept in the classroom.  Much respect for all the teachers out there.  It’s not easy job, and we appreciate you!

Ruby Stuart, Event Producer

‘While I tried to do the whole healthy eating and make my isolation hobby to run 5 kms every day, unfortunately, I fell off the running bandwagon pretty early. So I decided to become a professional podcast listener.

Never have I ever listened to a podcast before lockdown, I never thought I would either! All the life hacks, tips and tricks and (some) useless fun facts I now know will get me through iso 2.0. You can listen to a podcast anywhere, anytime, while doing anything which is the beauty of it. I also played poker a fair few times in the first lockdown, and I lost all my fake money in the first couple of games, I did develop pretty good poker face by the end though’.

Abi Napper, Head of Operations, State Library Victoria

I’ve been making very different meals than I usually would, experimenting a lot. Last night I made a pea, basil and ricotta lasagna, and used sweet potato instead of pasta. I wasn’t overly impressed with it, so my partner now has an entire slab of vegetable lasagna to eat on his own.

I’ve also started reading Game of Thrones. I never saw the series, and I definitely preferred the Lord of the Rings books over the movies, so I’m excited to be getting in to this book now.