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PCOA – Event Recap

A grand event for a grand space.

Monday evening saw guests from the PCO Association descend on the State Library Victoria, treated to one of the first events in the palatial La Trobe Reading Room. One of the most spectacular venues in Melbourne.

From an electronic DJ to a brilliant choir performing a Lion King classic. The event was one not easily forgotten. Attendees made their way up the marble staircase and through the hardwood doors to feel the natural light streaming from the enormous domed ceiling above. A moment, that guests agreed, displayed the essence of the historical space and the library as a whole.

The long centre desks of the room were transformed into various food stations, with antipasto selections and a fresh sushi bar to the great dessert spread. While elegant and creative canapés roved through the crowd, with favourites including the extravagant Popcorn and Chipotle Prawn Popsicle!

Solution Entertainment set the mood of the evening with a range of performers. A group of soulful singers lined the balconies high above while some extravagant Victorian-style pantomimes kept guests on their toes. MAV provided the audio/visual for the event in what would have been a tricky task with the reverb through the great open space, yet pulled it off without a hitch.

One of the first cocktail events in the La Trobe Reading Room with many more to come, from Weddings to Corporate the versatility is almost as impressive as its grandeur.

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