Organising a guest list and seating chart for a wedding can be difficult. You need to establish very early on who definitely has to come and who you would be okay with if they missed out. This often starts as a list of every family member and friend you have ever met and dwindles down to who matters most. Then your parents will put their input in and a friend will ask if they can bring the guy they just started dating (you’re sure it will be over by the time the wedding comes around anyway). The whole guest list process can become nightmare. So, establishing said guest list becomes painful and no longer fun – oh bum.

The usual stresses of compiling a guest list was not necessarily applicable for Hayley and Glen. The couple knew exactly who they were determined to have at the big day from the start.

But what happens if your most important guest, the one who has been with you and your partner all along, isn’t allowed to enter the wedding ceremony and reception?

Enter, Marvin. The most important guest of the day. The one and only guest Marvin, Hayley and Glen’s baby,  was not allowed in the State Library of Victoria. Before you jump to conclusions and assume that the library isn’t inclusive, STOP! Because that is not the case. The reason Marvin was barred from entering the wedding was because he is actually a 3 year old golden retriever.

In the lead up to the big day, Hayley and Glen expressed the importance of having Marvin be a part of their day.  So we at Showtime, did what we do best. We found a solution and made sure Marvin could be included. Whilst Marvin could not come inside the library, it didn’t mean he couldn’t sit outside the library. So that is exactly what happened. Marvin became the official bouncer and ring bearer for the day.

Hayley and Glen made sure he was dressed with a bowtie and ready for the special occasion. He sat, like a very good boy, just outside the entrance and greeted all the guests as they arrived. Marvin could have been upset about having to sit outside, but you would never know it. He had an excitable energy and a cheeky grin that was contagious, so contagious that even people from the general public approached him for a cuddle.

Whilst Marvin thought that everyone was there just for him, guests were actually there in Isabella Fraser Room to celebrate the love of Hayley and Glen. Enough about Marvin, what about the couple themselves.

Hayley and Glen were such a laid back couple, they didn’t want to feel stressed about the wedding or feel overwhelmed on the day. They wanted to focus on their family, friends and the love that consumes them.  They were so relaxed that they gave their suppliers creative freedom, giving a brief of timeless, classic and elegant. Botanics of Melbourne met this brief perfectly. The flowers that filled the room were earthy tones, creams, dusty pinks and all different shades of white.

We asked Hayley for some words of wisdom for future couples, she said “The day goes by SO FAST!
You will not remember the little details. So don’t sweat the small stuff, go with the flow, and just enjoy your special day. You only get married to the love of your life once.”

Venue: State Library of Victoria- Isabella Fraser Room
Bouquets: Flower Head Events
Ceremony and Reception florals/centrepieces: Botanics of Melbourne
Dress: Sophia Tolli, purchased at Always and Forever Bridal
Hair: Kxhair Design
Makeup: Zee Makeup Artist
Suits: MJ Bale

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