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Supplier Feature: Botanics of Melbourne

We don’t care what you say, not one person could possibly not be immediately enamored by the beauty of an incredible floral arrangement. With the power to completely transform a room, florals are the must-have staple of most of the events produced by Showtime Event Group. So, florals are, quite obviously, a very important part of the planning and production process for us.

Let us introduce you to Shane (above), the brains (and of course beauty) behind our preferred supplier, Botanics of Melbourne. Shane has worked with the team for over three years, and has never failed to deliver on our client’s brief with stunning florals that are fresh, igniting and engaging. Shane and his team work out of their main florist shop in South Yarra, and are dedicated to ensuring that each event they feature in is unforgettable.

The team at Showtime Event Group has rallied together to help with the key things to think of when briefing in your florist:

  • What time of the year is your event? Often, florals can be very weather-dependant. It is easy to ask for something with a strong bouquet and bright, but if it’s a winter event your florist may struggle!
  • What type of event are you having? Although a large arrangement of flowers on a table is desirable, if you are having a sit-down dinner, they have the ability to get in the way. Consider a standing plinth feature or even something hanging.
  • What is your budget? Luckily, trends in florals at the moment sees a great amount of less-expensive foliage make a massive feature. Also, individual flowers are now making their way in to main-stream. There are smart ways of presenting some beautiful flowers, and even less of a more expensive variety could be an option.

Showtime Event Group works closely with Botanics of Melbourne on behalf of our clients to provide excellent floral arrangements for any event. Get in touch with us below if you would like us to plan your next event.

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