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Techsperts Together – The Red Planet

Is there life on Mars?

Well, Bowie would have been pleased to know there was, at least for today.

Thursday August the 2nd saw the red-planet come to life at Showtime Events Centre. A part of HP’s “Mars Home Planet” design and science program, where entrants over a multi-tier competition, create and design a whole range of infrastructure, vehicles, architecture to facilitate living on Mars. And what better way to experience these amazing creations, than through through virtual reality?

Showtime Events Centre went ‘tech-chic’ for the day. Huge balloons, laser lights and a feint haze filtered the room prepping guests for the experience they were about to undertake.

Guests were treated to an immersive display of Mars-themed food and drink. A desert dessert station suspended in the air was a big winner, with an array of carefully crafted chocolates and more in the all edible environment. While also being accompanied by dry-ice crimson cocktails to keep the afternoon going.

The afternoon was a great success with a special mention to the RMIT team for taking out the win!

See more at Showtime Event Centre here.

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