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‘Uncover Melbourne’ Day Tours – Recap

As a part of the AIME ‘Uncover Melbourne’ series, Showtime Event Group spent the day taking out Hosted Buyers and Media to various activities and sites.

Beginning at the deeply historical, and at times unnerving, Old Melbourne Gaol precinct. Guests were thrown in the deep-end with the ‘Lock-Up Experience’, where attendees are charged with criminal offences and go through the Former City Watch House ‘induction’ all the way until being sent to their cells, getting a hefty talking to throughout by the local Sergeant.

After being discharged guests were taken over to the adjacent main hall of the Old Melbourne Gaol where a guided tour took place describing the history of the site as well as the final moments of infamous bush ranger Ned Kelly’s life.

Guests then popped over across the road to the State Library Victoria, where they were introduced to the new Isabella Fraser Room while getting further acquainted with the Showtime Event Group team. Before being taken on a tour of the Library currently under redevelopment, and soon to have some of the most exciting event spaces in Melbourne).

Lunch followed at one of the most spectacular hidden locations Melbourne has to offer, up on the top floor of the brilliant Domed Galleries of the State Library, inaccessible to the public and unseen before in this setting, intimately set with a gorgeous long table set for a sharing lunch including Lamb, Salmon, Chicken dishes and many more.

The afternoon had cocktails in store and was time to wind down. Guests were taken to the home of Showtime Event Group on South Wharf Promenade and taken through our partner venues, AkachochinBang Pop and finally Plus 5 for drinks, Nutella pizza and conversation about the days events Uncovering Melbourne.

However it wasn’t long until guests had to move on to the evening festivities ahead

View the images from the Uncover Melbourne Unusual Venues below.

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