La Trobe Reading Room

An architectural marvel of the early 20th century. The La Trobe Reading Room may well be the reason that the State Library Victoria is the busiest public library in Australia. This immense space is surrounded by a panopticon of tiered levels high above, rising to form the famed dome – the largest of its kind at the time.

Guests are left in awe upon entry, unmatched in its history, grandeur and size. The venue is divided with original oak desks and chairs, lined with traditional green-reading lights, centered around a raised middle platform, perfect for MC’s and performers.

The reading room’s large desks are fixed, making for great dining tables under the domed galleries – with the rooms grand acoustics reverberating around you.

Availability –  After 6pm, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Key Features of The La Trobe Reading Room:

  • Original domes gallery
  • Spectacular 5 tier design
  • Panopticon floorplan
  • Natural light through domed glass windows
  • Rare book collection lining walls
  • Silk oak desks and features
  • Central library location
  • Please note that capacities are subject to change due to Covid-19. Contact us below to be informed of most up-to-date restrictions in accordance to Government Guidelines
La Trobe Reading Room