Something Blue

Never forget that something blue… After a year of lockdowns and uncertainty, 2021 was looking up. Life was becoming back to normal. Which meant that all of our wedding couples could finally stop holding their breaths and relax. What else could go wrong was the question on everyone’s lips? Well, we must have spoken too […]

Featured Wedding Cocktails; The when, where and why… Read More

Picture this…sitting in a Michelin Star Restaurant, celebrating a special occasion and sipping on a creative and flavour-explosive cocktail – why should your wedding be any different?! Imagine providing your guests with that same luxurious experience by wetting their lips with one (or two) of our cocktails. From our experience, the look on the faces […]

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Featured Wedding Unique Finger Foods to Indulge in at Home Read More

Events are one of the rare moments you get to bond with your family members, friends, and colleagues. When entertaining, whether at home during an isolation period or when you’re able to entertain with friends, you want to make sure that everyone enjoys the occasion and leaves with a lot of happy memories. To keep […]

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Featured Wedding Showtime Event Group Launch – Menu Read More

Vasantha our Executive Chef at Showtime uses his extensive experience of almost 40 years in professional kitchens to create unique menus for our special events. Describing the process as a symphony, having to find the right melody to create the perfect flavours that work together as a whole. Below is the Cocktail Menu specifically created by […]

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