Something Blue

Never forget that something blue… After a year of lockdowns and uncertainty, 2021 was looking up. Life was becoming back to normal. Which meant that all of our wedding couples could finally stop holding their breaths and relax. What else could go wrong was the question on everyone’s lips? Well, we must have spoken too […]

Featured Wedding A Love Letter to Football 4 – Cargo Hall Read More

A Love Letter to Football was back this year at Cargo Hall. In its fourth year, the fundraising event had guests from all walks of life come together to discuss their own affections in regards to the great game that is, Australian Football. All for a good cause, raising funds and awareness for the Australian Prostate Centre, […]

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Featured Wedding From Humble Beginnings to Grand Love Stories Read More

The Melbourne Wedding Industry’s Growing Force Over the last year, Showtime Event Group has fast become one of the premier names in Melbourne’s rapidly changing weddings events industry. Winning some of the most coveted new and historical spaces around the city centre and beyond. From a sole venue in 2011 on South Wharf promenade (a […]

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Featured Wedding Our Four Locations for Your Big Day Read More

We are Showtime Event Group and we love weddings. With four unique locations in and around the Melbourne CBD, you’re bound to fall in love with one of our spaces for your special day. The State Library Victoria The definition of historical significance and old world class. The State Library is a cultural icon of […]

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Featured Wedding Twilight Wedding Showcase 2018 Read More

Thursday the 23rd of August saw Showtime Events Centre and Cargo Hall host our Twilight Wedding Showcase. Come one or come all was the motto for the night, from couples just here to get a feel for what they want, to those with their friends and family figuring out the finer details of their special day. […]

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Featured Wedding Venue Snapshot – Hands on at Cargo Hall with Roan Read More

Event producer Roan runs through the basics of our prime promenade positioned venue The Cargo Hall. Where is Cargo Hall? Cargo Hall is in South Wharf. Right in the middle of the promenade. If you had to describe Cargo Hall in 3 words, what would they be? Rustic. Chic. Industrial. How long has Cargo Hall […]

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Featured Wedding A Brief History – Cargo Hall Read More

Cargo Hall began life as, unsurprisingly, a part of the South Wharf cargo sheds. Built in 1884 the now heritage listed building was used to facilitate transport to and from small vessels on the Yarra River before larger industrial ships succeeded them and moved ports to other areas. Cargo underwent a huge redevelopment process in […]

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Featured Wedding Eden & Nicholas at Cargo Hall Read More

Choosing a wedding venue can be the most overwhelming part of planning a wedding. Choosing whether go to down the path of church ceremony and follow tradition. Or do you take a risk by having it outside and hope that Melbourne doesn’t have four seasons in one day? There are so many options for ceremonies […]

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Featured Wedding A Case For Second Birthday Parties Read More

In most circumstances, a lavish affair for a second birthday is not commonly heard of. Yet, in this extraordinary case, we’re happy to make an exemption. Tia and Victoria are two 2 year old twins to parents Evelyn and Stan. Tia and Victoria’s entrance in to this world was not what we would call easy. […]

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Featured Wedding Cocktail-making at Cargo Hall, AIME 2018 Read More

Sunday saw the Melbourne Convention Bureau and venue partners welcome media and hosted buyers on a ‘Melbourne City Experience’ tour, stopping off at a variety of suave and stylish venues around the city. Located on the South Wharf Promenade, Cargo Hall welcomed the group to its venue for a cocktail making masterclass, led by a […]

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