Meet The Team

Meet our Executive Chef, Ryan McVeigh

Showtime Event Group’s Executive Chef, Ryan McVeigh, is at the helm of all menu creation and planning for events, catering, weddings and corporate functions. He’s also the man on the ground, in the kitchen, donned in chef whites, whipping up some of Melbourne’s best food and delicious bites. 

Ryan became a chef because he enjoys the satisfaction of creating meals that bring people together. “Food can be more than just flavours and energy,” says Ryan, “it connects people together; it brings cultures together and it can tell a story. This is why I love food and love being a chef.” 

We sat down with Chef Ryan and asked him some quickfire questions about his favourite memories (and biggest challenges) during his time at Showtime Event Group.

Describe your job in one word. 


What’s your best memory at Showtime? 

During lockdowns, the senior staff at Showtime Event Group did a food bank style cook up for all staff, as so many of our hospitality and casuals were without work. We cooked a lot of heat and eat meals, especially for those who weren’t eligible for job keeper or government payments. It was very rewarding to do something like that, at a time when stress and anxiety were so high across the city. 

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome during service? 

At one of our remote locations, the oven broke down an hour before the event! It took some strategic thinking to be able to not only cook the food but produce an amazing event. 

What is your most favourite dish that you’ve created?

I love the idea of bespoke themed events, so in terms of a favourite dish I would say anything that lets your creative side loose. 

Where are your favourite places to eat in and around Melbourne?

I love eating out any day of the week and trying new places. My family and I usually go out for brunch most weekends, and I appreciate a good latte. With my wife being vegan we explore Brunswick Street a fair bit and lately we have been trying different Indonesian restaurants in preparation for our next holiday abroad.

What do you like doing in your downtime?

I enjoy spending time with my daughter and wife. We usually spend time outdoors at the park or watch movies on rainy days. I enjoy trying out new cafes around town with friends and lately have the travel bug so we’re planning a holiday to Bali and doing lots of research on where to eat. 

What’s your go-to dish for a quick meal at home? 

Generally at home my go- to is to let my daughter Mia be the chef and I work for her,  so it could be anything from peanut butter cookies to pho. Mia loves being in the kitchen creating new dishes and making a mess and I love to be a part of that.