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Expert Wedding Tips with Ella, Wedding & Event Producer

Showtime Event Group’s Wedding & Event Producer Ella shares her tips on themes, styling and stress free weddings in 2023.

What is your favourite styling trend at the moment and why?

I am loving floral wedding dresses. Think Sophia Bush & Grant Hughes.  

What are the best ways to incorporate a vibrant colour palette into a wedding theme?

It could be as simple as adding colour into your bouquets or centrepieces, although I really love a bold bridesmaid dress colour, bold colour lip or a statement pair of shoes.

What are some tips or suggestions that you give to couples when classifying their design style?

Research! There is so much information out there to help you classify what kind of wedding style you want. In saying that, there are no rules with weddings or designs. You can really make it your own. So, you want a modern reception with a more traditional ceremony style? Go for it! Or you love the look of an industrial space but want a touch of elegance in your styling? Do it! 2023 is the year to break the rules!

What are some often overlooked details couples can forget in the lead up to the special day?

To have fun and not get too focused on the things that aren’t exactly as you had planned or have had to change last minute. It will only make you stressed, and it’s likely your guests won’t notice or have any idea what you had planned anyway!

What is the most unique wedding favour that you’ve seen?

I had a couple who loved to travel but were limited during the lockdowns in Melbourne during the pandemic. Coincidentally, they were also planning their wedding during this time. They gathered photos of themselves at key landmarks around the world – think the Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge etc. The Groom was an avid knitter, so he knitted small bags for the guests which held a small amount of Lego. The Lego inside built a miniature version of the landmark photo attached to the knitted bag, and a QR code next to this photo sent the guest to a webpage with instructions on how to build it.